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Needle Detector ZYZ-680BC

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Application: 1、Automatic conveyor magnetic induction metal detector can use it to detect the needle or ferrous pieces of sewing products.(Such as: male clothing, female clothing, child clothing, underwear, kimono, jacket, bedclothes, shoes, gloves, cat, toll, blanket and healthful ware.)It also can use in material medical and food...etc.(fish, meat, fresh fruits...etc, and its manufacture.)to detect it. And it can detect the clothes of slide fastener,button and use it to detect the ferrous which mixed in nonferrous material, such as copper,aluminum,zinc,paper,rubber,chemicals...etc. 2、When detect the accessory of sewing articles. Such as: Slide fasteners, button, hook...etc. It needs non-magnet products (It may needs to demagnetized). 3、When operator is using machine, please take off the all accessory from the body. Cause machine will react to moving metals and will alarm mistake.


Features:(ZYZ-680BC) 1、Automatic conveyor magnetic induction metal detector can detect the needle easily. And it has signaler to tell you there is some ferrous in it. 2、When machine detects the needle or ferrous, the alarm will sound and the conveyor will stop. The signal light will show the position where the needle or ferrous are and will return the disqualified, which increase the efficiency of working. 3、Machine equips with counter and it can count the quantity of qualified. 4、It can adjust the sensitivity of detecting and to meet the different kind and size of detected objects in order to let you to find the needle or ferrous in your detecting products. 5、It adopt the newly design of trans-induction device. It increases the product of detection and reliance. 6、Use aluminum shell, high end atmosphere, durable, no discoloration, no deformation. 7、Including extra-thick and extra-thin inspection function. 8、Belt correct device. 9、With automatic stop. 10、EP design of automatically stop function after each 10 minutes empty running. 11、Vision and sound warning and anatomically run back function. 12、Use high quality double-sided belt, more anti - bacterial and dirty, easy to clean, improve the service life. 13、The table with high quality adhesive board, high hardness, never deformation. 14、lengthen the frame to improve the stability of the machine.


Technical Specifications:



Model ZYZ-610BC-10 ZYZ-620BC-10 ZYZ-680BC-10
Detecting Tower Single head Single head Single head
Detection method Magnetic induction type Magnetic induction type Magnetic induction type
Height detection 200mm 200mm 200mm
Detecting width 600mm 600mm 600mm
The detection ability Fe Φ 0.8mm Fe Φ 1.2 mm Fe Φ 1.2 mm
Sensitivity adjustment 1-10 1-10 1-10
Alarm mode Sound light Sound light Sound light
Conveyor belt speed 30m/min 30m/min 30m/min
Power Supply 1P/220V 1P/220V 1P/220V
Power consumption 100W 100W 100W
Dimensions(mm) 1650x 1050 x 1000 1650x 1050 x 1000 1850x 1100 x 1000
Packing Volume(mm) 1700×1110×1130 1700×1110×1130 2000×1110×1030
N.W/G.W 220kg/320kg 260kg/380kg 260kg/380kg
high quality adhesive board ×
High quality double-sided belt ×
New computer touch panel × ×
New Circuit board × ×















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